Eye Recovery after LASIK Surgery

Published: 05th March 2010
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Recovery period after LASIK surgery is fast but important, especially in its early stage. A good eye recovery is the main advantage of LASIK surgery and it can guarantee the patients to resume their work as earlier as possible as a result of the benefits of a successful surgery.

The short recovery time is mainly due to the particular type of surgical intervention. Most LASIK surgery will use the advanced laser technology. The laser burns the tissue in the inner part of the stroma without having to cut the tissue in other surgeries. The cutting process only takes 8-10 minutes. In that case, the substances are not really injured and the healing requires no long time.

Generally speaking, the proper recovery time is usually 48 hours, though the patients will be asked to be also careful for the remaining two days. Complications after LASIK surgery can be preventable with proper precautions.

6 tips on how to do eye care for a quick recovery is given in the following.

1. An eye shield is needed to prevent the eye infection.

2. Itching or rubbing on eyes should be completely avoided during the first 7 days.

3. Be careful when you are in shower. Do not let water strike your eyes directly and escape from soap and shampoo in the eyes. It is better to have less baths during the first week after surgery.

4. An intended medicinal product is intended for recovery, Use of antibiotics, steroids and other drugs are required to prevent dry eyes.

5. Light exercises are recommendable, but be sure to avoid any vigorous exercise as the sweat is harmful to your eyes, especially the sports like boxing and karate.

6. Do not work very hard in the first few days to give a rest to your eyes.

The syndromes like ghosts, halos, starburst regular or irregular astigmatism after surgery are all common complications in the period of the first few weeks to six months because the complications can be gradually solved and finally disappear. However, if the complications still exist after six months, you have to go to your doctor for a further examination.

Remember one sentence that carelessness is the killer of eyes during the recovery period after LASIK surgery, so be cautious to do the eye care to ensure a brighter vision.

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